JERSEY CITY - Several families are without a home today after an overnight fire destroyed several buildings in Jersey City. 

The fire broke out in a produce shop on the 300-block of Central Avenue early Friday.

The fire was so intense that crews were forced to evacuate for safety. The three-story building owned by Jersey City Councilman Michael Yun collapsed from all the damage.

"I owned the building probably 25 years," Yun says. "We have a memory. It was me and my father's, the family, and when you see it burning down it breaks my heart, really."

Fire crews battled to save an adjacent apartment building, where all the residents were able to escape unharmed.

The families that lived in the second-floor apartments are not expected to be able to return. 

In all, four buildings were damaged and the cause will be investigated by fire officials.

Neighbors say they are shaken by an unusual number of recent fires. "It's just unbelievable," says Derek Patterson. "I haven't seen this many fires in our area and I've been here since 1996."

One firefighter was taken to Jersey City Medical Center to be treated for minor injuries. 
A wrecking crew came in Friday afternoon to begin the cleanup. Yun says he is certain that he will rebuild.