MIDDLETOWN - A Middletown homeowner says that he is lucky to be alive after a tree crashed into his bedroom during this weekend’s windstorm.

Ken Haynes says that moments after he got up from bed and went into the bathroom Sunday morning, a powerful windstorm caused the tree in his front yard to snap and land on his home. A large branch pierced the bedroom ceiling above his computer.

“I would've been in this chair watching my computer, doing computer work,” Haynes says. “I would've heard the crash but probably wouldn't have felt anything because it would've been through my head."

Haynes’ wife Carla and their 24-year-old daughter were sleeping in other bedrooms.

“You can't imagine the sound, like the whole house shook and it felt like the house was caving in,” says Carla Haynes. “It was so loud."

The windstorm was so strong that it scattered insulation, roof shingles, plywood and wooden beams all throughout the bedroom and front lawn.

A township inspector told the family that the home was still structurally sound, so they will be able to stay in the home while repairs are made.

This isn’t the first time the family has had to deal with large trees. A very large oak tree was uprooted in front of their home last year. A tree in their backyard was split in two when it was struck by lightning three years ago.