FANWOOD - Community members gathered Tuesday to mourn the loss of a New Jersey woman who died during Monday afternoon's severe thunderstorm in Fanwood.

Susan Potok, 26, was driving along Midway Avenue when a wire fell on top of car. She then tried to exit through the passenger side and was electrocuted. 

New Jersey's Public Service Electric and Gas Company say it has received many phone calls from residents about how to stay safe from downed wires. 

According to PSE&G officials, an individual should either shuffle or hop away from the vehicle, making sure both feet stay on the ground at the same time. 

If a wire comes down on your car, you should remain in the vehicle and call 911 until first responders arrive and can safely get you out of the vehicle. You should attempt to exit the vehicle only if it is on fire, or there is another life threatening situation.

They also say to notify officials of any downed wires by calling 911 or PSE&G.