FAIR LAWN - Owners of dogs considered "dangerous" in one north Jersey town will soon have to pay more to keep them.

The borough of Fair Lawn has hiked the license fees for dogs deemed "potentially dangerous" to $700.

The "dangerous" distinction is not decided by the town, but by a judge, typically after a dog bites a person or attacks another dog.

Mayor John Cosgrove says the measure is an attempt to protect people and other dogs. "What we wanted to do was make people aware that if they have a potentially dangerous dog, there are conditions that have to be met," says Cosgrove.

Money raised from the licenses will pay for animal control officers who will check up on the dogs, according to the mayor. There is also a proposal to use some of the money to build a dog park in Fair Lawn.

Some dog owners say the fee is too high, and believe the money would be better spent on educating owners on how to control their pets.