NEWARK - The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has begun furloughing air traffic controllers as part of sequester-related budget cuts, which could mean delays at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Today is the second day of the planned furloughs, but it's the first business day that they have been in effect.

The FAA has warned travelers that flights could be delayed by about 20 minutes in Newark. Meanwhile, delays are expected to be about 30 minutes at John F. Kennedy International Airport and about 12 minutes at LaGuardia Airport.

Travelers at Newark faced delays of about an hour this morning. By noon, things were back to normal.

The furlough decision stems from the failure of the Obama administration and Congress to agree on deficit reduction measures by March 1, causing automatic spending cuts under the sequestration process.

The cuts, which included $600 million in spending reductions by the FAA, resulted in furloughs to air traffic controllers and other employees.

The FAA says the furloughs reduce its ability to handle standard air traffic volumes safely, resulting in a need to push back some flights.