SPARTA - Police in Sussex County are hoping to arrest a woman who made a bold getaway with a cart full of groceries.

A surveillance camera captured the woman entering the Sparta Stop & Shop Sunday. She filled an entire cart with groceries and dog food, and left without paying.

"It's going to be hard for her to explain how she took all these individual items, put them in the car, went home, and it's an honest mistake," says Sparta Police Sgt. John Paul Beebe.

Cameras then caught her putting the items in a dark, late model Audi SUV, and driving away.

Shoppers at the store told News 12 New Jersey that they can't imagine how the woman would just forget to pay.

Police say store employees didn't notice the woman walk out of the store and that customers reported seeing her leave.

Veda Biber says she would have reported the alleged shoplifter if she had seen her, "because every time someone shoplifts, it makes prices go higher for us."

Sparta police put the surveillance pictures on Facebook and received several calls identifying the woman, but are not yet releasing her name.

They say she is coming to in to speak with them Thursday with her attorney present.