BERGEN - Experts are offering advice to parents on protecting their kids in light of recent attempted luring incidents.

Police suggest picking up a fingerprint kit from a local police department. The kit helps parents keep a record of their kids' prints, in addition to a DNA sample and the child's picture. The kit also allows parents to keep a record of their children's hair and eye color, height, weight, and other distinguishing characteristics.

Authorities also suggest getting a passport to make it harder for an abductor to obtain a fraudulent one.

Police say parents should make sure their kids know what to do if confronted by a stranger.

"It's very important for a child to try to get away from the bad guy and do everything possible to get away from him - screaming, biting, and running away,” says Lt. Claudia Cubillos, of the Englewood Police Department.

Experts believe the first three hours after an abduction are the most critical. If the child carries a smartphone, police say to make sure it is equipped with a GPS app so police can track the phone's location in an emergency.