EDISON - New Jersey’s primary elections are slightly less than two months away, but polls are already predicting who may be the winners.

The latest results from a Rutgers-Eagleton poll predict that Hillary Clinton will win for the Democrats and Donald Trump will win for the Republicans on June 7.

Experts say that this year’s presidential race has been anything but predictable and say that the newest polls suggest that the New Jersey primaries will be an important race coming out of New York’s primaries.

“Bernie [Sanders] is definitely closing in on Hillary Clinton, which is something brand-new in our April poll,” says Rutgers Eagleton’s Ashley Koning.

Poll results coming out of the Eagleton Center show that Hillary Clinton is the likely winner in the general election in the Garden State, but they also show that one Republican who could challenge her is John Kasich and not front-runner Donald Trump.

Experts say that Kasich is popular with New Jersey independents and may do well in the general election.

“While he may be in a distant second, if you put him in a general he actually could win back the White House for the GOP,” says Koning.

Political experts say that Indiana's primary on May 3 will be a make-or-break state for the candidates. They say that this is especially true for Donald Trump who could secure the Republican nomination if he wins that race.