ELIZABETH - In the wake of a deadly tractor-trailer accident in Rutherford, some trucking experts say more education is needed to prevent similar incidents in the future. 

The accident on Route 3 earlier this week happened when a tractor-trailer struck the Orient Way overpass. The container fell off the truck and crushed a car driving beside it. James Hart III, 39, of Bronxville, New York was killed.

With the raising of the Bayonne Bridge to allow more cargo ships coming into New Jersey, more and more containers will be transported throughout the state.

Edison Villacis of the Port Driver Association says he was not surprised to hear the accident involved one of the shipping containers.

"We are paying the price for not knowing what could happen," he says. "We need training. We need money to educate our drivers. These ports are getting too big."

Jim Brennan, of the New Jersey-based company Sea Box, says drivers need to be aware of the heights of overpasses and whether or not their cargo can fit underneath. Brennan's company makes and uses shipping containers.

"We often use drop-deck flatbeds because they're even lower," Brennan says. "They use a 3-foot decks so we're real far away from the bridges."

Accident investigators are still trying to determine if the container in the Route 3 accident was too big to safely pass.