EDISON - Community health experts are offering advice for families seeking child care services following the death of a Middlesex 6-month-old earlier this month.

Officials say an Iselin baby sitter was caring for as many as eight infants at the time. 

According to New Jersey child care regulations, a business caring for infants under 18 months should have at least one caregiver for every four babies.

Experts say most families find baby sitters through recommendations from other parents.

Norma Bowe, of Kean University, recommends parents get to know the other parents who work with the same child care providers and baby sitters. She also says parents should ask for a sitter's credentials.

Licensed child care centers get annual checks from state inspectors.

Experts say parents should also look at how other children appear at prospective day cares.

"You're looking for quality. You're looking to see the children are safe, happy and they're having a good day here," says Roxanne Martin, the director of John Kenney Childcare Center. 

And they say parents should ask for first-aid certifications.

"You really need to be sure they're certified in infant and child CPR, and if they are certified, they should be able to give you a card," Bowe says. 

She also recommends parents tour and check every room in the home where their child will be staying.