EDISON - Most of the Republican presidential candidates took the stage in Des Moines, Iowa, Thursday evening to participate in the latest presidential debate.

Gov. Chris Christie was expected to take some heat in the debate about how he handled the blizzard that hit New Jersey this past weekend.

At a campaign event, Christie denied that the storm did any significant damage to the shore. This angered some New Jersey residents because there was flooding attributed to the storm all across the Jersey Shore.

Some polling experts say that his response about going down the shore “with a mop” could hurt his results in the polls.

“This is not playing well at home and this is certainly not going to play well nationally at least for the very fact that it’s taking time away from his campaign,” says Ashley Koning, with Rutgers Eagleton Poll.

However, some expected Christie to get a little more screen time during this debate because GOP front-runner Donald Trump has decided to boycott this round. Trump says he won’t attend because of unfair treatment from moderator and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

Trump held a veterans' event Wednesday night at Drake University in Des Moines.