MORRISTOWN - It's no secret that the Garden State has been the brunt of many jokes and has taken its share of jabs, but one expert thinks the state could be in for even more. 

Politicians in handcuffs and reality show train wrecks seem to contribute to the New Jersey punch line.

Michael Rockland, who's written many books and articles about New Jersey being the brunt of jokes, says the Jersey Joke goes way back.

Rockland thinks more punch lines could be in our future, thanks to our governor. "We're already seeing some evidence of the return of the Jersey Joke and it's always about him," he says.

Gov. Chris Christie, the controversial and potential presidential candidate, will bring more attention to our state and with it, more jabs. 

Rockland says it may not be so much the jokes, but rather who's telling them that determines if they're funny or an insult.