BELLEFONTE, Pa. - (AP) - Former Penn State assistant footballcoach Jerry Sandusky has waived his preliminary hearing but pledgesto keep fighting the charges.

The decision moves Sandusky toward a trial on child sex-abusecharges. At least some of his 10 accusers had been expected totestify at today's hearing.

Sandusky told reporters as he left the courthouse that he would"stay the course, fight for four quarters." He says the defensewould present their side later.

The decision to waive the hearing was unexpected but notunusual.

At the hearings, prosecutors must show that they have probablecause to bring the case to trial. Prosecutors in this case wereexpected to meet that relatively low bar, in part because the casebeen through a grand jury.

Michael Boni, a lawyer for one of the accusers, says he'sencouraged by today's development. He says the accusers "do nothave to relive the horrors they experience up on the witnessstand" by having to testify both at the hearing and at the trial.

Senior Deputy Attorney General Marc Costanzo says there havebeen no discussions about a plea bargain, echoing statements fromSandusky's lawyer, Joseph Amendola.

Amendola also calls the decision to waive the hearing a"tactical measure."

Sandusky's next court appearance, an arraignment, is scheduledfor Jan. 11. He remains under house arrest.