CHERRY HILL - Ten years ago, Adam Taliaferro was a defensive back for Penn State when a tackle left him paralyzed during his freshman year.

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Nine months after his injury, Taliaferro walked again. Now he says he's planning on reaching out to paralyzed Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand.

Rutgers coach Greg Schiano did not give an update on LeGrand's medical condition, but says he is responsive and alert. Taliaferro says the injury that he had is very similar to the one the LeGrand received.

Taliaferro, now an attorney in Cherry Hill, believes his body has come back 70 percent, but there are lingering issues.

He believes the immediate medical care he received on the field enabled him to walk again and hopes the same will be true for LeGrand.

Taliaferro started a foundation which provides assistance to athletes who suffer spinal injuries during a game.

Adam Taliaferro FoundationParalyzed Rutgers football player remains in intensive care