FRANKLIN BOROUGH - The New Jersey councilman who launched an anti-police tirade on his Facebook page and eventually resigned his post is speaking out about the controversy.

Former Franklin Borough Councilman David Fanale was criticized earlier this week over comments and images he posted to his Facebook page that many said were derogatory to police. 

Fanale's complaints stem from a traffic stop in Roxbury where he says police harassed him and his fiancée. He says he leveled complaints through proper channels but they went nowhere.

Fanale then turned to Facebook to rant with several posts, including an image of a cartoon urinating on a thin blue line. 

The former councilman says his personal facebook is in fact, personal. "I object to the idea that elected officials give up their First Amendment rights once they are elected to office," he says.

At a council meeting Tuesday, hundreds came out to denounce Fanale, but he was not there. "What possible good was going to come out of it?" he says. "I was going to have to sit there and listen to people at a tattletale session. It had nothing to do with anything I did as councilman."

Police who attended a recent protest said Fanale should apologize for disrespecting the thin blue line insignia, which symbolizes fallen officers. 

"I do not apologize," Fanale says. "You know what I want, I would like an apology from those two officers who violated our rights."

Fanale maintains he resigned for family reasons.