NEWARK - A top law enforcement officer in Essex County may have improperly collected nearly a million dollars as part of a deal he had with one of his top assistants for more than 10 years. The issue was brought to Kane in Your Corner's attention after research was done by the website New Jersey Watchdog. They say John Dough earns $114,000 a year from the Essex County Sheriff's Office, but also earns another $77,000 in pension payments from the Newark Police Department.

Pension rules say that Dough would have to give up his old pension while working as chief at the sheriff's department. Paperwork obtained by Kane in Your Corner shows that Dough works under the title chief warrant officer, which allows Dough to walk away with the extra money. Over the phone, Sheriff Armando Fontoura told Kane in Your Corner that Dough was never chief and has always just supervised the warrant squad under the honorary title of chief.

Kane in Your Corner found that Dough has been calling himself chief of the department for years, including in front of Congress in sworn testimony in Trenton, as well as in the biography for his consulting business.The Department's website also called Dough the chief, and said he was in charge of day-to-day operations.

New Jersey Watchdog's report can be found on their website: