NEWARK - An Essex County lawmaker has withdrawn a hastily introduced bill to require all bicycles in the state to display a license plate.

Assemblywoman Cleopatra Tucker proposed the law that would have required riders or their parents to pay $10 a year to register their bikes with the Division of Motor Vehicles, or be subject to fines of $100.

Hundreds of News 12 New Jersey viewers voiced their harsh criticisms against the bill this morning on Facebook.

News 12 New Jersey also spoke with cyclists who said they could see how many people would be upset about the bill, and that it would probably end up being a bigger cost than it was worth.

Tucker said in a statement that she proposed the bill because senior citizens had called her office to complain that they had been knocked down by inconsiderate riders. She said the seniors had no way to register a complaint because they couldn't identify the rider.

Tucker said today she will look for other ways to protect older pedestrians.