LINDEN - A Union County town tops the list published by the Environmental Protection Agency of New Jersey cities with the most pollutants. According to the EPA, Linden has more industrial pollutants in the air, soil and water than any other town in New Jersey. 

EPA spokesman John Martin says that list was comprised of information self-reported by industrial companies all across the state.

“The EPA does regular inspections of facilities, and there are other ways of measuring what goes into the environment,” Marin says. “This is one tool the public can use to gain a better understanding of what is going into the environment.”

Martin says the numbers have gone down over the past decade. However, Linden residents say that they are still upset. Linden parent Lisa Fabrizio says that she worries about her children.

"It's disturbing to me. You worry about the health effects later on, if they're breathing in polluted air and playing on soil that's potentially contaminated,” she says.

The EPA reiterates that the list is just one piece of the larger pollution puzzle. Martin says that it does not mean that Linden is the most polluted town in New Jersey, just the town with the most pollutants from industry.

The full list of New Jersey town rankings can be found on the EPA’s website.