ENGLEWOOD - What was once a dream home for a family from Englewood has become a nightmare.

The Frumers' home has been nothing but trouble. They bought a new home which was supposed to have a warranty, but they say the warranty has not been much help. The Frumers say they have had leaks and that a truss is suppose to be holding up the house, but it's not.

The family has called the home builder, but he has since gone out of business. Their warranty company, 2-10 Home Warranties, has ripped out walls, floors, ceilings and the chimney to prevent the leaks, and in doing so, they found toxic mold. The company gave up on the repairs and offered the family a settlement of $183,000, but the Frumers say that's a fraction of what it cost.

Now the family is suing the warranty company, the contractors it hired and the City of Englewood, which approved the construction.

The Frumers say contractors who have looked at their home estimate it will take $1 million to fix.