TRENTON - Firefighters in Trenton have become the latest victims of the capital city's crime problem.

Firefighters from Engine Company No. 1 say their trust was betrayed this week when a burglar broke in and stole personal items while they were on a fire call. It's the third time the firehouse has been hit.

Fire Director Qareeb Bashir tells News 12 New Jersey it is already having an impact on how the guys do their jobs. Bashir says that firefighters now double-check that all the doors are locked before they leave. The time spent checking on the doors could mean the difference between arriving to a scene on time, or with a deadly delay, Bashir says.

The incident comes just weeks after someone tried to steal a piece of equipment off one of the trucks at a fire scene. Bashir says he's already having conversations with the Trenton Police Department about trying to increase security at emergency scenes.

He believes the thief or thieves are staking out the firehouse to see when the firefighters leave. If anyone in the area has seen someone suspicious walking around they are urged to call police at 609-989-4000