NORTH BERGEN - A North Jersey mom says she bought a can of baby formula that turned out to contain something else.

Shaquette Morgan says she picked up the can of Enfamil infant baby formula on Wednesday at a Wal-Mart in North Bergen. 

Morgan says she found that the can had been tampered with when she got home and was about to feed her 5-month-old daughter. The gold seal on the outside was intact, but she says the inside pouch was open. 

The experienced mother said she knew something was wrong. "The milk is usually like a yellowish color and it is powdery like baby powder or flour," she says. "In this case it was very, very white and I stuck my hand in and felt it and it was gritty, like sugar. I smelled it and it had a sweet smell to it. So I automatically assumed it was sugar."

She says when she took it back to the North Bergen Wal-Mart, a security guard inspected another can off the shelf and found it had the same problem. 

"Just the thought of knowing I could have harmed my child," she says. "She could've died. Anything could've happened based off of a product I thought was safe. So it was very scary."

Wal-Mart says the store immediately pulled the remaining product from the shelves and contacted the supplier when they received the complaint. The supplier, Mead Johnson, says the company has contacted Morgan and Wal-Mart to investigate. A spokesman says the incident appears isolated and the company has not received any other complaints.