LYNDHURST - Businesses around the Meadowlands gearing up for the Super Bowl participated in a seminar Friday aimed at perfecting their customer service skills.

Dozens of business owners from the area brushed up on ways to cater to tourists.

Steve's Steakhouse has been a staple near the Meadowlands for 77 years. It's known to locals, but the owners want to make sure out-of-towners feel comfortable there during the Super Bowl.

"Customer service is key," says Manager Henry DiTonto. "If you go that extra mile, it will come back in return."

Attendees learned how to get organized so tourists know where to eat, sleep, and how to get around.

"There will be other big events that come to New Jersey," says Meadowlands Regional Chamber CEO Jim Kirkos. "And if we practice providing good customer service and a warm welcome, we'll be better at bringing customers back to New Jersey."

The seminar also stressed that businesses must work together to communicate with each other and create a better customer experience.

Super Bowl organizers predict as much as $500 million will flow into the metro-area during the big game.