ELIZABETH - Officials in the city of Elizabeth are considering imposing more regulations on ride-sharing companies like Uber.

A meeting was held Tuesday night, and Uber drivers along with taxi drivers crowded inside to make their case.

The regulations could require Uber drivers to get background checks as well as references from Elizabeth residents if they wish to operate in the city.

Taxi drivers say that a private car cannot operate as a taxi and Uber drivers are breaking the law. Uber executives argued that their drivers do have insurance and undergo background checks.

Uber General Manager Anna Mahoney says that banning the company’s drivers from places like Newark Liberty Airport or the city’s train stations could deprive the drivers of their income.

A portion of Newark Liberty, notably Terminal A, is located in Elizabeth. Some fear this could get confusing for drivers.

Mahoney says that since so many New Jersey towns are trying to come up with their own ordinances to control Uber, she is pushing for statewide regulations for ride-sharing companies.

Elizabeth's Council did amend its ordinance to possibly drop an English language requirement. Because of that amendment, the ordinance could be up for a vote in two weeks.