EDISON - Recent water quality tests completed in Passaic County found elevated levels of lead in drinking water in some homes and buildings.

The affected homes and buildings are located in Paterson, Clifton, Passaic and Prospect Park.

The Passaic Valley Water Commission measured the water during September and October of this year.

According to a release from the PVWC, many of the homes in its service area are older and prone to having lead within the plumbing system.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 10 to 20 percent of a person's potential exposure to lead may come from drinking water.

PVWC is advising customers to run water for up to two minutes or until it becomes cold before using the water for drinking or eating. This method flushes lead-containing water from the pipes.

The utility recommends using cold water for cooking and preparing formula. It also suggests looking for alternative drinking water resources.

PVWC reminds customers that boiling water does not reduce or get rid of lead.