EDISON - New Jersey is in the midst of an egg crisis. 

An outbreak of avian flu in the Midwest has led to the price of eggs increasing. More than 40 million birds had to be euthanized because they were sick.

The owners of Palisades Park Bakery go through approximately 450 dozen eggs a week.  Two months ago they paid $1.17 for a dozen.  They say the price is now up to $2.48.

"It's a little more than double but you also have to take into consideration it's going to be nine months before you get a replacement for a hen that was laying eggs," says John Mazur, the head baker.

Bakeries such as Palisades Park now have to decide if they can afford the price increase or pass them along to customers.

"You can't absorb [the price] to the point where you're not in business anymore and at the same time, you can't pass too much of it on or else you're going to affect the bottom line," says Mazur.

The price of liquid eggs, used to make such products as mayonnaise, has also seen a large price increase.