NEPTUNE CITY - A family in Monmouth County has adopted a special dog that could save the life of one of their own.

The Edwards family adopted Sugarr, a black lab, as a service dog for their 17-year-old daughter, Erinn. Edwards is a Type 1 diabetic. Sugarr is a diabetic alert dog who can sense when Erinn's sugar levels are too high or too low and can alert her or her parents.

Sugarr comes from Warren Retrievers, a company out of Virginia that trains service dogs. Edwards' mother first heard about the four-legged lifesavers after seeing a story about Blaze, a Warren Retrievers dog, on News 12 New Jersey nearly two years ago. Blaze has been with the Dillane family for nearly two years and has saved their son's life more than once.

Edwardss is excited about having a new best friend and potential lifesaver.

"She will help me out and make the whole journey of diabetes so much easier," says Edwards.