EDISON - Gov. Chris Christie wants every student in New Jersey to receive the same amount of school funding from the state.

He is recommending that each student get $6,600. It’s a plan he says will also reduce property taxes for many communities.

The New Jersey School Board Association say that while they are not against reform, they don’t want it to be at the expense of education opportunities for students.

“We have to look very cautiously at what we're doing in the name of tax reform,” says the NJSBA’s Frank Belluscio.

Belluscio says that taking away funding away from poor rural towns could leave students at a disadvantage.

“Obviously if there are very abrupt cuts, there will be major changes to what is provided and offered to these students,” he says.

School districts like Asbury Park, East Orange and Trenton are among those with the most to lose under the plan. Asbury Park could lose more than $2,200 in state funding per student.

Districts currently receiving the least amount of state funding, such as Haddonfield, Monroe, Secaucus and Cherry Hill, would get more state funding.

Gov. Christie says that all districts deserve their fair share.

The plan must be approved by the Legislature before it would take full effect.