OLD BRIDGE - As the 14th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks approaches, many New Jersey educators wonder how best to teach their students about the day.

As more time passes, the number of students with memories of that day lessens. At Voorhees Elementary School in Old Bridge, second-graders are learning about the tragedy by reading "thank you" letters to first responders. Principal Courtney Lowery says that students in younger grades are taught using age-appropriate books, assemblies and projects like reading the letters.

"We need to make sure everything is developmentally appropriate for what they can understand and comprehend for their age," Lowery says.

Old Bridge Schools Superintendent David Cittadino says as the students get older, the lessons can become more serious. They can focus on history and be more adult.

"[The high schoolers] have more experience of the historical perspective and global perspective," he says.

Many teachers tell News 12 New Jersey that the lessons are important and they continue to learn how to teach about the attacks themselves. Educators say this is especially important in the New Jersey and New York areas, where so many families were touched by the tragedy.

The New Jersey Department of Education has resources available to educators for how to teach about the attacks.