EDISON - A woman in Edison says her elderly mother can't get out of their home due to downed trees and wires.

Saturday's storm left a pile of destruction covering Janet Hancock's yard, and left the entire block without power. She claims she called the town early Saturday, asking for crews to trim the city-owned tree before the storm.

Despite being told she was on the priority list because of her 90-year-old mother, nobody came. Now, with tree limbs and wires on the lawn, Hancock's mother is house-bound.

Originally a tree was lying across the road, making it impassable. After Janet called News 12 New Jersey, crews came out to trim the branches. She says they made it worse, though, by throwing the branches on her lawn. Now, she says it's even harder to get to her front door.

With other elderly people in the neighborhood without power, Hancock says she'll keep calling the town until the tree is gone and power is restored. News 12 New Jersey called to see when power would be restored in Hancock's neighborhood, but no one had responded at the time of this report.