EDISON - Some Edison residents say their streets weren’t plowed in a timely manner.

Sheela Trivedi says there was still snow piled high near her home on Westwood Circle Monday.

“My child has been out for the last three days. She’s a paramedic and cannot come home,” Trivedi says. “My other daughter working in New York City cannot go out. I have a business and I cannot go out.”

Pradeep Kulkarni agrees that the snow removal has been too slow.

“I think it’s pretty bad,” he says. “I see plows coming on this street, but they are not plowing this road.”

Kulkarni says that he has been getting into disputes with drivers who want to drive down his street, but he shoos them away so the cars don’t get stuck.

A plow did come down his street by Monday afternoon.

City officials tell News 12 New Jersey that Edison has over 300 miles of roads, so the busiest streets needed to take priority for plowing.