EDGEWATER - A tree that has housed a rare group of wild parrots for decades could be chopped down, which isn't sitting well with the local authority on the colorful birds.

No one knows how the parrots arrived in Edgewater. Some say they escaped from a cargo container years ago. But for nearly 30 years, the wild colorful birds have made their home in the trees along Route 5.

But as crews work to repair a retaining wall that was damaged two years ago by a rain storm, the birds homes are in jeopardy. Officials say the trees have to go because they're in the way of where crews need to pour the foundation for the new retaining wall.

The Edgewater Parrots Group, the local authority on the wild birds, has offered to construct platforms in other trees so the birds may build nests.

The group claims it hasn't received a response from the borough on its offer.

There's no time frame on when the trees will be cut down.