OCEAN BEACH - Residents and businesses along Ocean County's Route 35 say post-Sandy construction on the road is not only causing problems for drivers, but it's also creating a nightmare for those who live there year-round.

Lisa Millroy's bit of paradise in the Ocean Beach section of Toms River definitely isn't peaceful right now. She says work on the highway resumed at 6 a.m. Tuesday. "My house was actually bouncing up and down," she says. "That's how we got out of bed."

Millroy says she knows the work must be done, but says it's coming at the expense of her quality of life. Materials and equipment, including a porta-potty, have blocked her driveway in recent days.  

Neighbors are asking the state to start work one hour later at 7 a.m. 

"I want all these improvements," Millroy says. "We want them, need them." However, she hopes that crews realize this is not just a summer tourist destination, it's also a full-time, year-round home for many others.

The Department of Transportation is contracting out the work being done along Route 35. The agency says it understands the noise and road closures are disruptive.  However, because it halted work during the prime construction season this summer, the department needs to take advantage of the good weather and work as many hours as possible. 

A spokesman also points out that because it's a moving project, the early hours and extremely loud work will only be on each block for a day or two at a time.