NEWARK - (AP) - Child welfare authorities investigatedallegations of abuse at least four times in the case of anIrvington girl who was found dead in her home on Sunday.The New Jersey Department of Youth and Family Services reportsthat in each of the four visits workers found allegations of childabuse to be unfounded. A spokeswoman for the agency said Tuesdaythat the case is under investigation.

Authorities identified the dead girl as 8-year-old ChristinaGlenn. An autopsy showed she died from an untreated leg fractureand severe malnutrition.

Her mother, 30-year-old Venette Ovilde ofIrvington, has been charged with aggravated manslaughter andendangering the welfare of a child.

Her roommate has also been charged with child endangerment.Two other children have been removed from the home andhospitalized

Irvington mother, roommate charged in death of 8-year-old girl