MIDDLETOWN - Residents in Middletown say they are fed up with street names that are creating confusion on city streets.

The town has several sets of duplicate street names, including Main Street and Broad Street.

Chris Bennett says he gets mail addressed to a restaurant on Main Street. "We've been getting it for months now and we don't know where it comes from," says Bennett. "And we don't even know where the restaurant is."

There is a Main Street in the Port Monmouth section of Middletown, another in the Belford section, and further inland, there's another Main Street.

Melissa Blackburn-Doyle's consignment store is on one of the Main Streets. "When I give them the address, they'll turn onto the first Main Street and they'll be lost all over the place, and that deters people from coming in because they get frustrated," she says.

Blackburn-Doyle also worries the many multiples, including several Monmouth avenues, could cause problems during a possible emergency.

"If I were to call first responders, I do worry they will not be able to get here quick enough for my daughter," Blackburn-Doyle says.

The township administrator says he's unaware of any issues since street numbers were reconfigured and a computerized 911 system was installed years ago. 

The use of multiple zip codes within Middletown eliminated problems for mail delivery.