DUNELLEN - A popular pizzeria is taking a stand against pants that sag, by banning the fashion faux pas from the Dunellen restaurant and refusing service to anyone who refuses to pull them up.

"We are allowing everyone in," Maria Herrera of Guilio's Pizza. "But we respectfully ask to please pull up your pants."

There is a sign on the front door spelling out the policy.

Herrera acknowledges that the practice of wearing pants around ones hips is a fashion statement, but doesn't believe it's appropriate inside the family business.

Customers that News 12 New Jersey spoke to supported the dress code.

"I think its kind of disgusting. I don't want to see that while I'm eating," says Cherissa Arrington.

Owners say that most customers wearing saggy pants are pulling them up before entering the store.

Wildwood banned saggy pants on the boardwalk in May. Penns Grove in Salem County is considering the same measure.