KEARNY - The dry, breezy conditions in the Garden State this week have become a concern for New Jersey’s firefighting community due to the dangers of brush fire.

The National Weather Service and Gov. Chris Christie’s office have issued alerts warning New Jersey’s residents to be mindful of where they put out their cigarettes or other burning material.

Two large brush fires in Kearny and Secaucus Tuesday scorched dozens of acres of land and caused transit delays. Officials say the lack of rain and windy conditions caused the fire to spread.

“Brush fires may appear very small to you, but as soon as a gust of wind comes, it will take the ash and embers and spread the fire,” says Kearny Fire Chief Steven Dyl.

Chief Dyl also wants to remind people to water down any dry brush or mulch around their property to prevent fires.

Rain is expected for Friday, which should moisten the area, cutting down on the risk of wildfires.