RINGWOOD - New Jersey hasn't had any significant rain fall since March. This has caused the ground and brush to become very dry and brittle.

As a result of the dry and windy conditions, the National Weather Service issued a red flag warning for the entire state that lasted until 6 p.m. Wednesday. 

Forestry officials have been manning a fire watch tower in Ringwood eight hours a day, every day for the last three weeks.  They have recently spotted and responded to several wildfires.

The red flag warning means wildfires that develop could have the potential to rapidly spread.

"If you're working outside with any kind of flame, like a blowtorch or anything like that, be careful," says John Carbone, of the New Jersey Forest Fire Service. "Be ready for something to happen. Have a bucket of water with it. Have a garden hose nearby, or maybe don't do it that day."

Carbone also reminds people to be careful with ashes from barbecues and campfires.

When throwing away ashes from a fireplace or barbecue, experts recommend mixing them in a bucket with water and letting them sit overnight. They should then be poured over dirt or rocks, not on lawns or leaves.

Smokers should also be careful with when tossing away a lit cigarette or match.