TOMS RIVER - A man was sentenced to seven years behind bars today for driving drunk and killing a woman last year in a Jackson accident. Paul Forde was convicted of vehicular homicide. At least 50 family members and friends of Colleen Guierro were at the sentencing. The victim's mother, husband, brother and daughter addressed the judge with deep emotion about their loss. Guierro's daughter, Paige, who was in the car with her during the time of the accident told News 12 New Jersey that, "It's really hard to wake up every day and see an urn that's all I have left of my mom. It's really hard to go to sleep at night. I have nightmares, waking up to see my mom, crushed next to me."

Guierro was killed on South Hope Chapel Road over Memorial Day weekend last year.

The conviction was Forde's second DUI conviction in the past three years.