WEST NEW YORK - Community leaders and residents have made a call for tougher regulations on jitney buses and drivers after last week's crash in West New York that took the life of a 8-month-old girl.

Lawmakers say jitneys and buses need to operate more safely throughout Hudson County.

Many passengers agree that the jitneys are convenient but risky. One man told News 12 New Jersey that he rides them because they come more frequently than NJ Transit buses.

Jitney operator Sergio Garcis admits safety can be an issue for some drivers. "We have so many new drivers and they don't know what they have to do and they're speeding," Garcis says, "because somebody is following him."

Some drivers have suggested a license plate odd-even rationing system to reduce the number of buses out at any given time.

The driver in the crash that took Angelie Paredes' life was allegedly on the phone and speeding as his bus ran off the road.