RUTHERFORD - Police say someone is putting razor blades inside parking meters in Rutherford.

Eight razor blades were found hidden in the meters over the past six months. In two cases, the blades were sticking out of the coin slots.

Police are warning drivers to be careful next time they're at the meters.

Drivers say they are concerned by the news. "It is a scary thing to think someone would mess with the meters like that," says Mike Collier.

"Children walk by and hang on them," says Patricia Keenan. "All they need is for their hand to slide."

The blades appear to be from a utility knife.  Most of the blades were discovered by a parking attendant while change was being sorted at the police station.

Police say they have been trying to pinpoint exactly which meters the blades came from in order to look at surveillance video from nearby.  They have also not been able to find any fingerprints on the blades. 

"It is disturbing and dangerous," says Chief John Russo. "I do not believe it is an attempt to circumvent paying. I do believe it is malicious." 

Rutherford's parking attendant has been asked to carefully check collection pots for blades, Russo says. "And if they see one that should call us right down so we can process that machine." 

Meanwhile, drivers are taking precautions. Keenan says she'll put a business card or key in the slot first.

So far, no one has been injured by the blades.