GARFIELD - A man was arrested and another man sent to the hospital after a road rage incident in Bergen County.

Police say a 75-year-old man and his 65-year-old friend were driving on River Drive in Garfield Wednesday when another driver, 38-year old Robert deJesus of Passaic, cut them off.

Investigators say deJesus stopped near the intersection of Monroe Street, got out of his car, and started banging on the victim’s driver's side window. Police say as the victim tried to get out of the car, the suspect shut the door on him, and then reopened it and pulled out the victim.

Ivan Torres was working inside Baladi Auto Center when the incident occurred. "He grabbed the old man and threw him against he car," he says.

Witnesses say deJesus also pushed the female passenger up against the car, but ran off when bystanders ran up to help.

The auto center has multiple surveillance cameras, which helped police make an arrest.

"They deserve respect," Torres says. "Doesn't matter what they did, you don't do that to them."

The victim was treated and released from a hospital. He suffered a fractured nose and vertebrae, and lost a few teeth, but is said to be OK.

Police say this was a pure case of road rage, since the suspect was apparently angry he couldn't get around the older driver.

Officers advise motorists to avoid angry drivers if possible, never open their car door and call police if you have a cellphone.