MADISON - Standardized test scores will no longer be required to apply to Drew University, the school announced Thursday.

Prospective students will no longer be required to provide tests scores from the SAT or ACT.

Drew University Admissions Director Robert Massa says he hopes it encourages more students to apply.

"The tests can become a be-all and end-all in the admissions process," he says. "That's what we want to avoid, because a student is much more than the scores they get on a Saturday morning sitting for three hours."

Massa says he hopes to appeal to students who do well in school, but may not be the best test-takers.

Students can still submit their scores if they wish, and those scores will be reviewed. The scores will also be required for the top two scholarship programs.

Nearly one-third of all colleges and universities have dropped the standardized test requirement.

Drew University made a similar move nine years ago, but then reinstated the requirement in 2013.