EDISON - Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called New Jersey "a disaster state" and blamed it on Gov. Chris Christie.

Trump made the comments at a rally in New Hampshire. He also brought up Bridge-Gate and said that New Jersey is in last place economically.

"The people in New Jersey want to throw [Christie] out of office. They say 'why isn't he running New Jersey?'" Trump said.

Some political experts believe Trump targeted the governor because Christie is gaining on him in New Hampshire polls. The New Hampshire primary is six weeks away.

"Christie threatens Trump because he's the most 'Trump-like' of all the other Republican hopefuls," said Rutgers professor Ross Baker. "I think [Trump's] very close to the truth on the accusations he's leveled against Gov. Christie in terms of his utter neglect of the state of New Jersey."

The governor held a town hall meeting in Iowa Tuesday. He did not mention Trump while being interviewed on the radio in that state.

The governor’s office did not return News 12 New Jersey's request for comment.