PATERSON - Approximately 20 dogs rescued from a home in Paterson last week are on the road to recovery.

Police entered the home during a drug raid Friday and discovered the people inside were also running a major dog fighting ring.

"Deplorable conditions," says Paterson Animal Control Officer Angel Rivera. "Blood all over the place, in certain rooms where they fought the dogs."

The animals, most of which were only a year old, were malnourished, and kept in cages that were too small. Officers say that's what caused many of their other injuries. 
Rivera says many of the dogs had bed sores from laying down in the same spot, in areas that weren't properly cleaned.

Police also found four deceased dogs stuffed into a garbage bag. 

Those that survived are being cared for at a handful of shelters, vets and clinics.  Despite their injuries, authorities say most should be adoptable because of their young age.

"We got to them in time," Rivera says. "They were training them to fight, but good thing they're still young, they will be rehabilitated...If they were a little older it'd be harder to adopt out a dog like that."

Second Chance Pet Adoption is working with Paterson Animal Control to care for and adopt out the animals.  
The people who lived in the home have been charged with drug possession and animal cruelty.