MIDDLETOWN - The owner of a kennel where a French bulldog died in last week's heat wave is facing two civil animal cruelty charges in the pet's death.

Karen Leipzig, the owner of Dogs On The Farm in Middletown, was charged today in connection to the death of 6-year-old Bugsy, according to SPCA Police Chief Buddy Amato.

Police say the dog was allegedly left outside for 90 minutes.

Leipzig says staff members tried to revive the dog by giving him CPR and putting him in a tub of cold water.

The dog's owner says Bugsy was healthy when they dropped him off at the kennel Thursday.
In a statement, the kennel said, "We're extremely devastated about this tragedy and we feel deeply saddened for Bugsy's family... Our workers and staff are also very upset and saddened about his death....He has been here numerous times before."

Leipzig said the facility has never had an incident like this, and has watched over 150,000 dogs in the past 11 years. Tents and misting fans were purchased to prevent future tragedies.

The employee who was responsible for the dog was reportedly fired. The kennel faces fines of up to $5,000. Amato says the owner has been cooperative with authorities.

Leipzig is scheduled to appear in court on July 29.