MIDDLETOWN - A kennel owner charged with animal cruelty says she is shocked about the death of a 4-year-old bulldog left in her care.

Danielle Collins and her family are mourning their dog, Bugsy. He died at "Dogs On the Farm" dog day care during last week's heat wave. Collins says Bugsy should never have been left outside.

"We assumed a professional facility would keep any dog, especially a bulldog, inside 100 degree heat," Collins says

Karen Leipzig, owner of Dogs on the Farm says, "We've been in business 11 years and I've seen over 100,000 clients and we've never ever had one heat-related incident."

Leipzig faces civil charges in the incident. She says her facility is well-stocked with fans and cooling pools.

Leipzig says the animals are supervised and that Bugsy had no signs of duress. "We have a video of him just before he died, and pictures, and there was no sign," she says.

Leipzig is expected in Middletown municipal court on Monday.