EAST ORANGE - A horrific highway crash that killed three people was almost a double tragedy for a family whose pets ran from the scene.

Boston terrier mix Rosie was in the backseat of the family car with another dog when it became part of a deadly chain-reaction crash on I-280 on Wednesday.

"We were spun around and when we came to a stop we noticed the dogs were gone," says Bob Brown. "They jumped out a broken window and ran east on 280." 

The first dog was found a short time later in East Orange, but there was no sign of Rosie. The Browns had been canvassing the neighborhood.

The family finally received the news they were hoping for Friday afternoon. Rosie was safe at a nearby cemetery.

Landscaper Gonzalo Manzano and his co-worker found her shortly after the accident. Since then, they gave Rosie water and food and allowed her to sleep under the trees.

"Dogs are such a beautiful thing," says Manzano. "It came from the bottom of the heart to help her. We couldn't just leave her there." 

"That's who I was hoping would find her -- somebody who is good and would take care of her for us," says Ellen Brown. "And they did. And I can't thank them enough."  

Rosie seemed to have a few cuts and scrapes on her paws, but was otherwise in good spirits. Her owners took her directly to a vet to be checked out.

The Browns offered Manzano a reward for taking care of Rosie, but he declined.  His reward, he says, will be knowing Rosie lives a long, healthy life.