LITTLE FALLS - Paterson fire squads came to the rescue of a dog stuck on a Garret Mountain cliff last month. Now another firefighter's family has decided to make the dog a permanent member of their family.

Paul DiFalco's family has officially adopted the malnourished cockapoo they named Easter, who was found after a jogger reported hearing barking. Firefighters found Easter holed up in a 20-inch wide crevice on the cliff. 

Veterinarians say Easter was found with matted hair and infections, and was obviously not cared for by her owner.

After seeing her photo in an Animal Clinic of Morris Plains adoption ad, the DiFalcos knew they could give her a second chance.

"I said this dog needs a home," says Cheryl DiFalco. "She's desperately needing a home. And we definitely have a loving home to offer her and make her happy."

The DiFalco family was among 50 people who called the Animal Clinic looking to adopt the frail dog.