EDISON - Ever since the warmer spring weather hit New Jersey, many residents are experiencing bad allergies.

Many doctors are seeing an influx of people coming into their offices looking for relief.

“I’d say in the last week the tree pollen has surged and it’s been crazy,” says Dr. Tina Zecca, of the Allergy and Asthma Association of Monmouth County. “Patients are very symptomatic.”

Dr. Zecca says the rough winter is one of the reasons why those afflicted by seasonal allergies are suffering.

“We had a cold winter and lots of moisture in terms of snow and rain,” she says. “I think because the weather warmed up so quickly, the tree pollen is popping right up. The grass pollen is not out yet, so the worst is yet to come.”

Doctors recommend those suffering take their allergy medication, even if they feel better. Also, keep windows closed, especially in the morning when the pollen is at its worst.

They say the allergy season could last into late June.