ORANGE - School and county officials are trying to determine who hacked into an Orange High School records system and changed the grades of several students.

Sophomore Tyler Taylor says some students are paying the price for something they had nothing to do with. He believes the hacker changed two of his grades, but says that he never asked anyone to do it. "I just want the person whoever did it to confess that they did it and my record be clean," he says.

His father, Kevin Taylor, is angry that a lawyer for the district questioned his son the same day that he was notified of the incident without giving him time to get there. "They're being investigated, judged and tried, without their parents being involved," he says.

The district and Essex County prosecutor are trying to find out who was behind the changes, but in the meantime, Tyler is one of several students serving a 10-day suspension. The aspiring musician is banned from extra-curricular activities all of next year, which he believes will include music activities.  

A group of parents and students met the superintendent today at the Board of Education, asking to have the punishments thrown out. Tyler and his father were unsuccessful. 

Tyler believes whoever got into the computer system changed many students' grades to make it harder to be tracked. He believes the district is punishing students whose grades were changed hoping someone will give up the culprit's name.

The superintendent of Orange schools did not return a call from News 12 New Jersey requesting comment.